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Muki Bear with rucksack The Tribe of MUKI BEAR is expanding.

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Elga has been up in near space 35,574 metres and is heading out to Nepal in April 2019 to attempt the summit of Everest.

will be participating in the 1000 mile viewranger challenge and will be going a walk every day with her friends Polly (Staffie X) and Amber (Staffie). This year she will be heading to China, Glastonbury and Croatia and India. In 2019, so far, she will be going to Nepal and Venice.

Paddy will be sitting in his owner's van and going to work with him every day. It will be interesting to see just exactly where he goes.

Tyrion will be visiting places that his owner went to in her younger days. Places like Hampton Court and other venues where pop groups such as the Beatles, Rolling Stones and others used to perform. He will definitely be visiting Brighton this year as well.

Walter will be going to work with his owner, sitting on her desk while she works and hopefully exploring many other places the rest of the time.. Walter has already been to Blackpool and Fleetwood.

Elga is the sister of Juliet and will be attending the shows with Juliet, to let people see just how very good looking the tribe of bears is.