Bear Essentials
Small details

Muki Bear with rucksack MUKI BEAR is a 10" bear, fully jointed and made in England. A limited edition of 100 and numbered. Small enough to fit in your rucksack yet big enough so you can take LOADS of adventure pictures. Made of heavy duty tweed from Yorkshire and with amber coloured eyes. A strong little companion bear to take on your travels.

CE certified and labelled in line with conformity to the EU legislation (conformity assessment procedure)

With MUKI BEAR there is a made in England traditional green canvas rucsack with brown webbing straps and brown leather buckled straps for fastening. Inside the rucsack there is a miniature pen and miniature notebook, so you can record your adventures and also a small printed map of the world so you don't get lost!

Also included is a cotton bag to store the bear in to keep it clean.

The rucksack and it's contents are absolutely NOT suitable for children under 3 years old because of some of the small parts.

Bear Necessities
Big ideas

Muki Bear waving MUKI BEAR is an action bear, a bear that goes on adventures. Whether the adventure of the bear, with the owner, is a birthday party, a first day at school, a day trip to an amusement park, going on a cycle ride, running the London Marathon, a trip to Costa Rica or even climbing Mount Everest, they all equally count! Upload your pictures to the Instagram account so everyone else can share your lovely pictures. We also have a twitter account for you to put on your comments or pictures. Join the bear community and show your pictures to everyone.

If the bear is sharing adventures with a child and you don't want the child to appear on social media, then just take pictures of a back view, or an arm or a foot, just make the sure bear is in the picture but not the child's face.

You can send your pictures and narrative to and we can put it on the website for everyone else to see and enjoy and don't forget to send us your location so we can mark it on the map.

If you want to take your Muki Bear on a sponsored event or special occasion, then email us the details and for the duration of your event/occasion you can have a page on the website all to yourself.

Got any ideas for a poem or story? Poems and stories about the Muki bear are always welcome so please submit them and get them published on the website. You will get full credit for any you submit.